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INTERESTED and not sure where to start?

Please reach out and we can match you with an instructor

text: 310.579.5288
call: 310.376.6246

Here you will learn about Pilates and get adjusted to the studio, the workout and make your movement goals for the future. **If you have any injuries or special conditions this is a great place to start and experience the benefits of this movement in a private environment.


Pilates for Men


Thought Pilates was too easy for Men? Think again…this form of move is not only a great workout but gives those tight bodies a good stretch. Perfect for surfers or golfers, anyone with a commute to work or sitting at a desk. We are so hunched forward all day, let us open you up with a good stretch and strengthen that core aka our powerhouse to reduce those back pains!


Movement for the Senior citizen


We specialize in this. With our gentle private environment, you will feel comfortable moving (many clients in there 80’s still moving strong). We work on strength, stamina, and flexibility but also balance as this is so important in those later years. Doesn’t matter the age “you are as young as your spine and body is flexible” Joe Pilates

Privates are by appointment, lets find a time that works for you.


Reformer classes


Looking to take a class? We have a number of classes throughout the week (never taken Pilates before?, we recommend hopping into an intro private before class so that you can get adjusted to the machines and form of movement…the more you understand the principles and your body the more you will get out of your class session. We have a max 4 people to a class so this is a great boutique style class. Our class schedule is available online, to view and sign up…if you have any questions before don’t hesitate to ask




Looking to take Pilates with a friend? Perfect we offer semi-private sessions, find a partner and lets pick a time that works best for you!

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